Congratulations to Sheriff Zuehlke!  What a great win!  We look forward to your future accomplishments.
So sorry to have to report that Lucassen's Sentry has closed.  They just couldn't make a "Go" of it.
Thanks to everyone who had supported the store and the Lucassen family through their 21 years in our community.

Thank you SO MUCH for coming out to see the bands at Redgranite Rocks, next to Lucassen's Sentry in Redgranite.

Absolutely THANK YOU to Tom Jaxson from Hurricane express, and also to all the other bands involved.  You DO know they all performed for FREE to help you celebrate Redgranite, and help keep small business in our towns alive.

Thanks to Police Chief Dennis Plantz, and his FREE ice cream, along with Wautoma Rental for their professional setup; plus the fun staff at Lucassen's Sentry and our own station members - Mark, Patty and some Chuck-guy.

Heal The Hill 2018

Thank you EVER so much for planting trees this past May 6th.  All the people of Waushara, and even our county administrator, and county board members who where there, along with Sheriff candidate, Denny Plantz, Jim Zelinske, Tom Traxler, The two radio "Marks", April and her children, and all those who we can't mention here, because running outta room  :-)  

Many blessings for our county is our wish going forward!

Look at What They're Doing To Our Mountain!

Click to enlarge - Huge logs and a lot of damage
Are you concerned about the Logging for Profit
being done on Mount Morris? We are!
April 12th, loving people of Waushara and beyond gathered at the top of our beloved Mt. Morris to roll up their sleeves, and plant baby Oak trees.  It's a wonderful event that will live in our hearts for generations.  Thank you, oh so much!

Watch Video: Even more huge truckloads of logs have been taken this past Dec
that are not shown in the final satellite image you see at the end of this video.

Deforestation in the U.S. Since 1620